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Planning Timeline

If your shower is 8 weeks:

8 to 6 weeks before

6 to 4 weeks before
3 weeks before
2 weeks before
Final week
2 days before
The day before
Shower day 2 weeks:
First eleven days
The day before
Shower day

That afternoon

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Bridal Shower
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Make an impression with our upscale games and personalized favors for your next party!

Bridal Shower

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Shower in a Day

Impossible? We can save your sanity! You just found out your friend is planning to be married tomorrow. What can you do on such short notice?

Run, don't walk, to your nearest party store and get as many helium filled balloons as will possibly fit in your car. In the meantime, have a friend call at least six close friends of the bride and explain that you are holding an impromptu wedding shower for their friend. Ask them to meet you at a convenient restaurant at the specified time. Pick up a card and ask each guest to bring cash to be included in the card.

Call the restaurant ahead of time and see if they can supply a special dessert for your party. Most will gladly accommodate you. When you arrive at the restaurant, bring in your balloons! You will definitely get some looks, but it will be well worth it.

If the bride-to-be enjoys music and cocktails, after dinner, take her to a local club. Swap silly stories, laugh a lot and remind the bride not to pull a stunt like this ever again!



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