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Planning Timeline
If your shower is: 8 weeks:
8 to 6 weeks before

6 to 4 weeks before
3 weeks before
2 weeks before
Final week
2 days before
The day before
Shower day 2 weeks:
First eleven days
The day before
Shower day

That afternoon



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Bridal Shower
Favors and Games

Make an impression with our upscale games and personalized favors for your next party!

Bridal Shower

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Planning Timeline
Bridal Shower Planning

Six weeks before the wedding is the ideal time have a shower. You'll need about eight weeks to plan a formal shower. So if the wedding is a little over 3 months from now and you're here, then you are right on time! If the wedding is more then three months away, then take your time now and develop your strategy and attack plan. Start to discuss timing with the bride. Be sure to mark your calendar 2 months before the date to give yourself enough time to arrange the shower.

If the wedding is less than three months away, then get started right now by talking with the bride. Find out when she would like to have her shower and establish the shower's gift theme.


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