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Edible Favors
Edible Wedding Favors
- wedding and bridal favors

Prize Ideas:

guide books
car maps
key rings
travel video
address book
day planner
memo pads
message pad
trivia books
bottle of wine
paperback book
movie passes
gourmet chocolate
bath salts
stuffed animals
special soaps
flavored popcorn
coffee mugs
candy bowl
ring dishes
joke book
romantic poetry
inspirational picture
small wisdom book
christmas ornaments
gourmet cheeses












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Bridal Shower
Favors and Games

Make an impression with our upscale games and personalized favors for your next party!

Bridal Shower

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Wedding Shower Favors

Chocolate rose
- Tie each rose with the colors the bride is using in her wedding party. Attach a name card to each rose or create a centerpiece with them.

A split of champagne - Purchase or make labels with the name of the bride and groom and the date they will be married.

Small seedling tree - Check with your County Extension Service. If the wedding is around Arbor Day, many offer free seedlings. Each guest can plan a tree in honor of the bride and groom.

Fabric covered boxes - This is a favorite for storing small items and a great "take home" gift.

Crystal ring holders - These are available in every price range. Tie colored ribbons around the ring holder and attach each guest's name.

Small box of chocolates - Many of the better chocolate makers offer a two or three piece box.

Potpourri - Buy a large bag and make several smaller ones using nylon net in the bride's colors. Use two pieces and tie with a ribbon.

Bud vase - Buy these in bulk or try your favorite outlet store! Add ribbons and a chocolate rose or silk flower to create a beautiful party favor.

Bracelet - Today everyone's wearing beads on their wrists. Purchase at least three for each guest. Tie together with ribbon and attach a name card.

Gourmet jelly beans - These come in small, clear boxes or bags that only require a bow. Create labels with each guest's name and attach these to the boxes or bags.

Bath soaps - A lovely way to say "Thank You". Purchase small crystal dishes (or use a ring holder) and place two or three small sculptured soaps in each dish. These can also be used a place holders by including a card with the guest's name on it.

Bride and Groom Magnets - Order some from a specialty shop that have the bride's and groom's name and wedding date on each one! A fantastic way to remember their anniversary.

Ceramic angel - Many bakeries offer ceramic angels that are tied with the colors of the bride's wedding party and include the wedding date printed on a ribbon.

Christmas ornament - If the wedding is close to Christmas, buy ornaments by the box and give one to each guest!

Flower Seeds - Give each guest two or three packets of flower seeds, placed in a small clay or decorative pot.

Skincare and Bath Accessories
Get in the pampering spirit with aromatherapy massage bath oils, lotionicon, scented soap

Exotic teas
Sample packs and exotic tea

Chocolate truffles and mints
Everyone loves a chocolate and goodies prize!

Red rose
We all love roses! Tie a gold ribbon around the base for an extra touch.

Mini champagne, liqueur, or wine
Tie a ribbon around the neck with a nameplace note attached.

Picture frame of bride
Good for a small party of close friends and family. Include a picture of the bride and, maybe, the groom also.

Engraved glasses
Silver or glass engraved with each guest's name.

Gourmet jelly beans
Low fat and colorful!

Makeup brush or kit
Fresh makeup is the best! New mascara, lipstick, eye shadow, makeup remove, makeup brushes, and more.

Teddy bear
Or any kind of stuffed animal. The cuter, the better.

Golf tees, golf balls, sunglasses

iconSmall green plant
Soothing plants are the gift that keeps on living.


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