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Extra cash - extra fun
contributed by Nikki

This one is for the bachlorette parties that decide to go bar hopping before returning to the house for extra fun. The person throwing the bachlorette party buys a white sweatshirt or T-shirt. On the shirt, either write, have embroidered or even buy stickers, so the shirt say "A BITE FOR A BUCK." Then get candy gummy worms and pin them all over the shirt.

Have the bride to be wear the shirt out to the bar. If the bride to be is an outgoing person, she won't have any trouble getting the others at the bar to pay a dollar to try and bite a worm off her shirt.

This game can make the bride and groom a little extra cash for their honeymoon, or to help pay for the wedding, or even just enough to tip the bartender at the reception. Either way, it is fun.



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